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Check Out These Super Cool Lovecraft Inspired Monster Illustrations!!!

This artist is amazing…great to see so many creatures brought to life, even more obscure ones. Definitely take a look!


Yesterday was the birthday of legendary author H. P. Lovecraft, but we here at Morbid Enterprises aren’t done celebrating. Today we bring you an artist who four years ago decided to undertake a project to illustrate all of Lovecraft’s monsters named Michael Bukowski. His blog, Yog-Blogsoth, is filled with colorful images that contain relevant quotes and descriptions of the pieces. Though most of the horror these monsters bring is through the fact that some of them occupy more than just three dimensions – and are therefore inconceivable and impossible to draw – the images are quite impressive and should be checked out by any Lovecraft fan!

“This blog will be an attempt to draw all the creatures Lovecraft ever wrote about or mentioned. In some cases his descriptions are very detailed and precise and in other cases he simply names creatures but all require a level of interpretation and imagination.”

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