The Crawling Chaos – A Lovecraftian Short Film

Our film follows an unnamed detective, hired to track down a missing teenage girl.  Her search leads her to a mysterious cult, and the edge of her own sanity.  Narrated like a classic film-noir, the film will take you on a visual and psychological journey as our protagonist comes up against eldritch forces from beyond the stars.

When we set out to create this short film, we had a couple goals in mind.  We wanted a film that stayed true to Lovecraft’s theme, style, and atmosphere.  Since Lovecraft almost always had the main character narrating the story, we decided to have our main character also narrate with a voice over.  Lighting and atmosphere were kept dark, shadowy, and bleak.  Although clearly in the style of Lovecraft, the story was to be original.

With that in mind, we wanted to take on something that would help us hone our skills, without being too big of a project.  When the script was drafted, it was a good solid story with just the right amount of production difficulty for us to tackle.  Of course, the more work we did, the more the story grew.  It took on a life of it’s own, like some malevolent object from Lovecraft’s own fiction, and before we knew it the story had become something new.  It was darker, it was more complex.  The scenes became more difficult to light, to film, to edit.  When it reached its final incarnation, we knew it was the type of film that people would talk about, would share with each other and watch again and again.  There was no going back – I knew I could make this film, although it might take a little more help than initially thought.

For me personally, I’ve been wanting to make this kind of film my whole life.  Through growing my own video/photo production company, which specializes in events, commercials, and corporate – I’ve finally amassed the tools and experience to begin taking on the projects I want to do.  With years of TV and Film experience under my belt, and knowledge of almost every aspect of filmmaking, I trained my small crew of close friends to help me on this path.  With help from them and my family, we’ve come a long way already and finished about 90% of The Crawling Chaos. The goal here isn’t just to make this one film, it’s to satisfy a lifelong ambition by becoming a full time filmmaker.  What started as a child’s dream will finally be achieved through hard work and perseverance – and without living the “starving artist” lifestyle that would force me to rely on the financial help of others.  I’m proud of how far we’ve come together, and with help from backers on Kickstarter I hope to complete this film in the next few months.

That’s where you come in.  We haven’t launched the Kickstarter yet, but it will probably go up by the end of the month.  We still have a few key scenes to film, some expensive equipment to rent (crane, big time lighting gear, etc) and much of the post production process.  So far the project has come together out of my pocket, and with a budget of very little we’ve created so much.  We need your help to finish the last 10% of this film and share our story with Lovecraft fans across the world.

Whether or not you can help, be sure to follow this blog for updates and photos on the filmmaking process.  I’ll post photos from shoots, video trailers, and more.  I’ll talk about the shoots (try getting your friends to haul equipment into the middle of a forest at midnight), the filmmaking process itself, and the people helping me create it.  When we launch the Kickstarter this month, you’ll be the first to know.  Next up, a teaser of something creepy – a still taken straight from the movie!

About Yog-Sothoth

I'm a filmmaker working to get a small studio off the ground. If you want to know more about our projects, or if you want to become involved, send me a message and SUPPORT OUR KICKSTARTER! On this blog I'll talk about the film(s) we're working on, as well as give general insight into the techniques, equipment, and day to day experiences running a small production company. I'll also talk about films that have inspired me or that I've enjoyed recently. View all posts by Yog-Sothoth

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