Geek Obscura: H.P. Lovecraft.

Want more in depth info about Lovecraft and his influence? Dave does a great job explaining everything!

Dave's Corner of the Universe


Most geeks know who Howard Philips Lovecraft is. In fact Lovecraft has lately had a resurgence in popular culture. Gone is the day, back when I was in college, when I was amazed that the hot suffer chick knew who he was. So why is he in Geek Obscura? Well yes most geeks and many non-geeks know who he is, I am finding very few people have actually read more than one or two of his short stories.

For those of you who are completely unfamiliar with Lovecraft, he wrote horror stories in the pulp magazines of the twenties and thirties. He greatly influence many other writers of his time, sharing with them ideas about monsters, locations, and ancient tomes of lost knowledge. Although the term was never used in his lifetime we now collectively call these stories The Cuthlhu Mythos. These stories tell of ancient alien intelligences, who areā€¦

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